Your woolly welcome will be a warm one as the Plantation sheds its winter coat and replaces it with green grass, planted fields, historic re-enactments and all types of farm animal fun.

This historic gem is a living history salute to the early American farmer families who brought the land to life while epic political challenges swirled around them. The food grown at these early plantations fed the birthing of a new nation...and seeing how they lived will make the 1760-90 period come alive for you and your family!

The Plantation is open most Saturdays and Sundays, April through November for public tours. 
A regular day might include a house tour, animal tour, and other activities. About once or twice a month they feature special events, starting with those listed below! Admission is $10 ($6 for children ages 4-12) unless otherwise noted.

Historic Timeline Weekend - April 6th and 7th
Visit the Plantation and experience 300 years of American history in less than a day.  Meet the nation's earliest settlers, then journey on to the Civil War and finally to the Second World War.  The professional re-enactors just might have you believing in time travel, after all! The farm house will be open for tours and displays.  Tickets may be purchased at the door.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt - April 20th (Advance registration strongly suggested!)
The Plantation Easter Egg Hunt starts at 11am. Children 12 and under are welcome to search the fields of the farm to find eggs with treats and surprises in them. There will be a puppet show for young children following the hunts.
There are 3 hunts, divided by age group: 
1-4 years old 11:00am
5-8 years old 11:15am
9-12 years old 11:30

Read more at the Colonial PA Plantation Website