Zach Condon (above) named the title track of Beirut’s new album, “Gallopoli” after the Italian town where he wrote it.  In fact, Beirut’s world music sound was likely developed during Zach’s travels through Europe when he was just 17. Photos from Wikipedia
Are you ready to see one of the most unique modern/folk/indie bands in the world? Catch Beirut, now on tour with a brand-new album “Gallipoli.”  See them Friday, February 15th for a night of incredible live music!

Named after Lebanon’s capital with its reputation as a place where cultures mingle, Beirut’s eclectic sound is perfectly summed up by their name.
The new album is inspired by a very particular experience by the band, described by Zach Condon as having occurred during a visit to Italy: ”We were seeing signs for a city called Gallipoli. We get out of the car and we just decided to go for a walk and in that moment we happened to hit a procession… We just got lost with it for an entire night. The next day, I wrote the song I ended up calling 'Gallipoli,' entirely in one sitting, pausing only to eat.”

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Find this photo and more fun information at the Jonathan Van Ness Facebook Page

Van Ness is the latest buzzword hero, and with a cool TV persona he now boasts a live tour show that everyone is talking about!  

Catch it on Thursday, February 28th at the Tower Theater.

Jonathan Van Ness induces good vibes and great times, so make an appointment now with the hottest hair stylist, satirist, and podcaster in the country!

Jonathan Van Ness is the star of the Emmy ® nominated, “Gay of Thrones” web series and a celebrity hairstylist known for his unstoppable energy and witty commentary on everything from pop culture to real-time current events. 
  • He currently stars in the Netflix reboot of “Queer Eye,” where he joined the “Fab Five” as the groomer, hairstylist, and all-around self-care advocate. 
  • Since 2015, he has hosted the “Getting Curious” podcast
  • His signature looks have been featured in digital and print magazines like People, Paper, Vogue Italia and the red carpets of New York Fashion Week, the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys.
LOCATION: At the Tower Theater
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