January is all about Orchids at Longwood Gardens!  But how much do you really know about this little beauties? Here's a short true/false quiz to test your knowledge:
  • There are  over 25,000 documented orchid species in the world.
  • Orchids grow on every continent except Antarctica.
  • Orchids have the tiniest seeds in the world...up to 3 million in a seedpod!
  • Orchid plants can live to be 100 year old.
If you answered 'true' to all of the above, then you truly are an Orchid "cognoscente!"
(a Latin term for an expert!)

Longwood's Annual Orchid Festival kicks off on January 19th and no one should miss one of the most beautiful and fragrant events of the year.

Experience an indoor winter wonderland filled with vibrant, artfully designed  arrangements. Lavish Cymbidium orchids dramatically spill from basins, grand Phalaenopsis orchids float overhead, and tiny orchid species make a big impact, among other show-stopping displays.

Then take a quiet stroll through the outdoor gardens and enjoy the true beauty of winter.
1001 Longwood Road,
Kennett Square, PA 19348