Hedgerow Theatre is proud to present three weekends that celebrate famous women.

JANUARY 5th & 6th Jennifer Summerfield and Jessica DalCanton portray...MARY SHELLEY and VIRGINIA WOOLF!

Act 1 – Mary Shelley: On the final day of Mary Shelley’s life, she solicits her daughter in law’s help to preserve her memory and legacy… and discovers that there may be more than one way to tell the truth.

Act 2 – Virginia Woolf: Virginia Woolf was a woman ahead of her time,  a feminist and radical artist who managed to capture the muses’ butterflies and preserve them between the pages of her books. This 30 minute solo performance by Jessica DalCanton crackles with warmth and contemporary insight on Virginia Woolf’s life through the lens of “A Room of One’s Own.”
Left to right: Jennifere Summerfield as Mary Shelley, Jessica DalCanton as Virginia Woolf,
Susan Wefel as Shirley Valentine, Meredith Beck as Mary Martin and Sarah Gafgen as Ethel Merman.

JANUARY 11th, 12th and 13th Susan Wefel presents SHIRLEY VALENTINE!
Shirley Valentine is the fictional main character in the award-winning 1989 British romantic comedy-drama film bearing her name. Hedgerow’s own Susan Wefel portrays this ordinary middle class English housewife, who, as she prepares chips and egg for dinner, ruminates on her life, her husband, her children, her past, and an invitation from a girlfriend to join her on holiday in Greece to seek romance and adventure. Does she go?  Find out for yourself.

JANUARY 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th Meredith Beck and Sarah Gafgen recreate MARY MARTIN and ETHEL MERMAN in Together Off-Broadway!
Together Off-Broadway pays homage to Broadway’s iconic Leading Ladies -- Mary Martin & Ethel Merman portrayed by Philadelphia Artists, Meredith Beck & Sarah Gafgen who explore their  legendary careers through song, while sharing stories about their lives & devoted friendship.

Enjoy show stoppers such as: I Got Rhythm, Neverland, Sun in the Morning, Cockeyed Optimist, There’s No Business Like Show Business, Hello Dolly, The Sound of Music… & their medley of old American standards performed on the Fords Fiftieth Anniversary Television Special  back in 1953!
Together Off-Broadway was conceived and compiled by Beck & Gafgen thanks to the generosity of the Philadelphia Womens’ Theatre Festival.

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Listen to Video from the original sound trace from Ford's 50th Anniversary Special

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