The beautiful sculpture of the face above is by Laura Demme, one of the artists featured on the tour.
Having artists for parents, I can say from the heart that the art you purchase for your home or office space, should speak to you.  And it's even more personal when you've spoken to the artist!

Beautiful works by Michael Fleck, Tomas Ferrie and Laura Demme.
All creative people  infuse parts of themselves into their art, be it literature, painting, dance or music. The pieces you showcase in your home or office can have even greater meaning to you when you've met the artists and learned about their process, the thinking behind each piece and the inspiration for it.

Left to right:  Pieces by Rinal Parikh, John Costanza and Tina Brand. 
All are also featured in the tour.

This year's Annual Studio Tour, Saturday and Sunday, October 20th and 21st, gives you the opportunity to see and purchase art directly from the artists. 

Meet them, ask questions, explore some of their studios and see where the art pieces are conceived.

The mission of the Delaware County Studio Tour is to promote regional artists and contribute to the economic and cultural vitality of the area by presenting original artwork in personal work spaces that promote conversation and interaction.

Left to right:  Necklace by Lorri Primavera, Painting by Joe Milligan
Twelve art studios, across the county will feature the works of 37 artists in all categories from oil painting, to furniture design, jewelry, textiles and more.

 Meet the Delaware County Studio Tour Artists

Hours: Sat, 10am to 6pm and Sun, 11am to 5pm
Studio Map & Routes