Scott Arboretum is not only BEE-coming more famous, (USA Today recently called it one of the top ten Destination Gardens in the country) consistently brings us fun and interesting lectures and demonstrations of things we can do to make our own gardens un-BEE-lievable!

Wednesday, September 12th - 7pm to 8:45 join them for an 
exciting new lecture:
From Flower to Bee to Honey: Beekeeping and Beyond

Dan Boylan tending to his bees...
Local beekeeper Dan Boylan and avid gardener and teacher Rebecca Boylan will show you how honey is made, and how important bees are in your garden!
  • Learn how widely honey is used in products we consume
  • Find out how honey can help us medicinally.
  • And if you've ever wondered why the flavor of honey seems to vary so much, you'll find out!
Dan will cover the basics of beekeeping in this class, but it is
 meant for anyone interested in bees, how beekeepers manage them, and how essential bees are to a healthy ecosystem. You may not choose to have hives on your property, but you can choose plants that give honey bees what they need.
  • You'll get to taste honey as well as experience how it makes other foods and drinks (like cake and mead) taste delicious! 
  • The Boylans will also bring their creams and lotions for you to try.
  • Class is limited to 30 people.  
  • Registration is $25 for non-members and $15 for members. Call 610-328-8025 to register. 
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