Every Summer on Wednesday nights, residents and tourists alike, get MOONSTRUCK while Dining Under the Stars on State Street in Media. Merriam-Webster defines the condition 'as being lost in fantasy or reverie...'  
On State Street we simply call it being spellbound by the night, the wine and the fabulous food!

Those who recall the OSCAR WINNING movie, know first hand :) what bakery dough and Italian dinners can do to our lives... So come let the flavors and fragrances of global cuisines whisk you away from your dining room table and place you in a twilight setting where most any food you desire is being served.

Stroll the sidewalks, shop for treasures, and dine to your heart's content.

Every Wednesday, weather permitting, State Street closes from Jackson Street to Orange.

Participating restaurants include:
 Ariano - Azie - Lotus - Desert Rose Mediterranean - Diego’s Mexican
 Dos Gringos Mexican - Sligo - Fellini Café - Lariele Pizza - 320 Market Café
 La Belle Epoque - La Na Thai - Yia Greek - Iron Hill Brewery - Quotations
 Scooped Ice Cream - Sheee-E-Punjab Indian - Hidalgo’s Mexican - Spasso Italian Grill
 Stephen’s On State - Sun Set Slush Water Ice - Temaki Sushi Bar - Tom’s Dim Sum
 Margaret Kuo’s Media - Yogurtissimo Frozen Yogurt - Little Anthony’s Pizza

 Reserve your table today!

If you're wondering why we chose to reference the movie Moonstruck, it's because many of the scenes in this 1987 three-Oscar winning flick take place either in a kitchen, a bakery or at the dinner table.  Several dinner tables, in fact! 
Moonstruck is about the lives of an Italian-American widow, Loretta (Cher), her mother, father and her boyfriend Johnny Cammareri (Danny Aiello) who proposes to Loretta IN HER FAMILY'S KITCHEN Johnny goes to Sicily to be with his dying mother, and asks her to invite his estranged younger brother Ronny (Nicholas Cage).  When she visits Ronny's BAKERY he reveals he has a wooden prosthetic hand and blames his brother for his accident. Loretta tries to change his mind, so they go to his apartment (over his bakery) to discuss it while she cooks for him IN HIS KITCHEN. Their talk heats up, and dinner is replaced with a more passionate dish. A wildly funny romantic romp ensues, that includes a delicious scene where Loretta is both literally and emotionally 'Moonstruck'. A menu of popcorn and Moonstruck will make any day a winner!  

State Street, Media,PA 19063
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