A Star Reporter – A Still-enamored Ex Husband – A Convicted Murderer – and a Crooked Sheriff Steal the Show at the Hedgerow Theatre!
Opening June 28th, you can join all of them in a heady romantic romp that will worm its way into your heart with a story about love lost, murder, kidnapping and little blackmail...

When newspaper editor Walter Burns learns that his ex-wife and top reporter Hildy Johnson is quitting to marry another man, he pulls out all of the stops to get her to stay. The newspaper has been championing the cause of a man on death row, Earl Williams, who was convicted of killing a policeman. Walter convinces her to write a story on his case. A crooked Sheriff and Mayor have a different agenda...

And while Hildy pursues the story, Burns pursues her - or tries to!
Hildy finally gets the scoop of the year, when Williams escapes from prison on the eve of his planned execution! She hides him in the police station and (of course!) mayhem ensues...

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Adapted by Charles Lederer, Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur from the play The Front Page by Hecht and MacArthur
Runs June 29th through July 29th.

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64 Rose Valley Rd, Rose Valley, PA, 19063