Peddlers, runners, hikers and bikers are always looking for new places to go, and new trails to trek.  So the Bureau has created a one-stop-shop Trail Guide for both tourists and residents, featuring a County map showing all locations, plus individual site listings, with photos, detailed descriptions, map, and directions.

Here are snippets from 3 listings in the new guide:

The Crum Woods of Swarthmore College is one of the last remaining forested areas in Delaware County, and offers 3.5 miles of walking trails.
These trails extend over more than two hundred acres of land, significant not only for its large area and biodiversity, but also for the opportunities it offers for learning and recreation. The woods are used as a classroom and laboratory by the College, and provide recreational opportunities for all, including the broader community.

HISTORY NOTE: Crum Creek, which runs north to south through the woods, was originally called Ockanickon, by the native Lenni Lenape who lived on its banks. Following European settlement in the early 18th century, the Swedes renamed it Crumkill, meaning “crooked creek.” Over time,  much of the land was cleared for agricultural and industrial use. During the Great Depression, under direction of the Scott Horticultural Foundation (which is today the Scott Arboretum) the Crum Woods was replanted with over 60,000 native trees and shrubs,

  • The trail is a “walking trail” and part of the 22.5 mile Creek and 38 sq. miles of watershed that runs from Malvern, Chester County to the Delaware River. Starting points would be either at Plush Mill Road in Smedley Park or Yale Road in Swarthmore.
  • The Leiper-Smedley Trail is a paved 2.2 mile from Rogers Lane to Yale Avenue on the west side of the creek. That trail is bike and handicapped friendly.

Pictured inside the photo above, the railroad bridge crossing over
Chester Creek may be daunting for dogs or young children. 
The Darlington Trail boasts a varied terrain and is most accessible from the parking lot on Darlington Road. 
The trail follows Chester Creek for several hundred yards, crosses and follows an old railroad right-of-way, and then crosses portions of the Darlington Family Dairy through mixed woods. meadows and farmland, returning to Darlington Road or continuing on a similar perimeter trail.

  • The loop is approximately 203/4 miles and the terrain is varied with flat and steeper sections that provide excellent views of Chester Creek.
  • The trail links to the Rocky Run Trail with a portion of it on the Wawa Preserve that is a property maintained by Natural Lands Trust. The grounds that follow the Creek are maintained and planted by the CRC Watersheds Association, a non-profit that manages the Chester, Ridley and Crum Creek watersheds.
  •  The Rocky Run Trail intersects with the Darlington Trail and runs along Chester Creek and the railroad track and has few incline sand is very flat.

The Haverford Heritage Trail is a 14-mile loop through Haverford that highlights many historic sites in the Township. It comprises parts of other trails listed below.

Follow the trail loop on foot or on bicycle as it winds through the township and its history. Over thirty sites are numbered starting at the Grange Estate in the southeast part of Haverford...

HISTORY NOTE: The Federal School is a field stone one-room school. A 1797 date stone is on the gable end away from the chimney. Haverford Township's first purpose-built school and Delaware County's second, it served as a school until 1872.  In addition to the main trail route, several "option" routes cover additional sites. Option trails exist for Beechwood Amusement Park, Haverford College, Steel Road (on-road option for bicyclists) and the Narbeth estate.  Note: At the present time, some trail portions do not yet offer a continuous route... 
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#9 Header Photo: The Chester Creek Trail is a proud member of the Circuit, a 750-mile network of bicycle and pedestrian trails connecting people to jobs, communities, and parks in the Greater Philadelphia Region.