Fly Fishing at Ridley Creek State Park

I don't know where Lee Marvin went fishing, but in Delaware County you don't need to pay for the privilege - and you certainly don't need to be a movie star.  You just need a rod, reel and really good wading boots if you're hooked on fishing in the water!

But don't forget about the Gaiters...  
Not the ones with big teeth!  These are the neoprene anklets you put over the top of wading shoes to keep gravel from getting into them. 

Photo by Joe Zlomek of the Pottstown Post.  Read his 2016 article at Fly Fishing at Ridley Creek


Pictured right is a popular fishing hole at Ridley Creek State Park, just outside of Media.  It is stocked to the 'gills'  with trout and a few other fish, and provides excellent angling opportunities.  The portion of the creek from Sycamore Mills Dam to the mouth of Dismal Run is a catch & release, fly fishing only area.

NOTE: An ADA accessible fishing platform is on the paved, multi-use trail along Sycamore Mills Road Trail. Vehicle permits must be acquired at the park office.

Spring fishing at Newlin Grist Mill Park

E. Mortimer Newlin, founder of the Nicholas Newlin Foundation, was an enthusiastic fly fisherman who immediately recognized the possibilities of the trout stream – the West Branch of the Chester Creek – that runs through the property. Trout fishing has become a well-loved and enjoyable feature of the park. Newlin Grist Mill and its surrounding 160 acre park has become a place for exploration of both history and the environment and is the perfect place to toss a line into their Pond or Stream.

Both pond and stream fishing are available starting on opening day of the Delaware County, Pennsylvania trout fishing season. Pond fishing remains open through October 31st, and stream fishing is open through December 31st (conditions permitting).

This is the one that DIDN'T get away!!!  
Named 2017 Best Easy Fishing by Philly Magazine! So grab your gear and take the family fishing at Orchard Lake, open from early spring to late fall. No fishing license required.
Orchard Lake was constructed to provide irrigation water for some of the farm’s many crops. However, creating a fishing destination was an equally important priority. Trout fishing opened for the first time in 2004 and has been a popular activity ever since Trout fishing continues until the water gets too warm in May when the action switches to Hybrid Striped Bass, Crappies, Bluegill and Catfish. Trout fishing resumes in the fall and continues through early November.

Photos by John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
Recreational fishing is a priority use of the National Wildlife Refuge System, and this refuge offers many locations! From their 145 acre impoundment to Darby Creek and the Rt. 420 Lagoons, look for carp, catfish, large-mouth bass, smaller pan fish and tiger musky. Plus they offer FREE POLE RENTALS!
NOTE: There are also many ADA access areas for fishing.
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MORE DELCO FISHING SPOTS ARE LISTED BELOW, but we haven't verified them personally, so look them up online before you go or call a local sports shop like the Sporting Gentleman in Glen Mills.  It specializes in fishing gear and the staff is very knowledgeable about the best local fishing holes and fishing license details. 
Sporting Gentleman - 128 Glen Mills Rd - Glen Mills, PA 19342-1748 - (610) 565-6140

Baldwin Run 3.7 miles
Big Run 4.4 miles
Broomall Lake Dam 1.1 miles
Chester Creek 4.8 miles
Chrome Run 2.7 miles
Collen Brook 5 miles
Cotton Mill Dam 3.1 miles
Crum Creek 5 miles
Crum Creek Dam 1.7 miles
Crum Creek Reservoir 1.7 miles
Crum Run 2.6 miles
Darby Creek 5.1 miles
Dicks Run 1.9 miles
Dismal Run 2.8 miles
Dutton Run 4.1 miles
Eddystone Range 5 miles
Eddystone Range 5 miles
Geist Storage Dam 3.2 miles
Green Creek 4.7 miles
Hotland Run 2.3 miles
Hunter Run 4.2 miles
Lenni Dam 3.5 miles
Lenni Lake 3.5 miles
Lewis Run 3.4 miles
Little Crum Creek 4.2 miles
Llewellen Mill Dam 4.3 miles
McGooch Marine 3.6 miles
Mill Dam 1.5 miles
Minquas Run 0.7 miles
Mudpuppy Run 1 mile
Pine Ridge Run 1.6 miles
Preston Run 5 miles
Ridley Creek 4.6 miles
Ridley Park Lake 3.7 miles
Rockdale Dam 2.5 miles
Rocky Run 4 miles
Shepard Run 3.1 miles
Shipley Branch 4.7 miles
Spring Run 1.8 miles
Stony Creek 4.7 miles
Tagalong Run 4.5 miles
Thirteenth Avenue Lake 4.1 miles
Trout Run 2.4 miles
Vernon Run 0.9 miles
West Branch Chester Creek 3.1 miles
Whetstone Run 4.3 miles