If the title alone has brought to mind the infamous theme song of the long running LAW & ORDER TV Show...
click here to set the mood for this ADULTS ONLY Delco Episode !?!?!?!

Benson and Stabler wouldn't have looked quite so dashing in Petticoats and Breeches...but attire wasn’t the biggest difference between Colonial period justice and today’s 3-strikes and you're in jail for a long, long time brand of sentencing!

The Chadds Ford Historical Society’s April Tavern Talk “episode” of Law and Order: Colonial Intent premiers Thursday, April 12th from 7-9 pm -- and it's strictly for adults only...not for being naughty, but because adult beverages ensure a spirited evening ;)

Personally, I suspect America's first wave of settlers were a little light on lawyers and judges...and a little heavy on adventurers and scoundrels.  But even if I'm wrong, legal matters definitely took a back seat to basic survival.

WARNING! Guests caught 'breaking the law'
may be subject to public ridicule!
But CFHS historicans will illustrate the many unique and interesting ways in which laws were enforced (or not) during Colonial times!  You'll even get to participate in a mock courtroom scene, learn about the early art of counterfeiting and explore the peculiar punishments of the day.

Tavern Talks is a monthly experience (not a lecture!) aimed exclusively for adults 21 and older that focuses on unexplored aspects of early American history and culture. Guests will experience history with hands-on activities, food and drink tastings, demonstrations, and more.

The event takes place at the Chadds Ford Historical Society's Barns Brinton House, an historic 1714 tavern, located next to the Chaddsford Winery at 630 Baltimore Pike.

Admission is $20 for non-members and $15 for members. Tickets must be purchased in advance as
space is limited. All attendees must be 21 and older.  For more info on the CFHS or to purchase tickets, call (610) 388-7376 or visit their website at: Chadds Ford Historical Society  or for tickets click here:Tickets can be purchased here

1736 Creek Road, Chadds Ford, PA