National Geographic Traveler Magazine called Chanticleer Gardens one of  'North America's Most Beautiful Secret Gardens."
Daffodils - Skunk Cabbage - Daylight Savings - Woodcock Courtship Displays - and Landscape Trucks filled with Fertilizer are all harbingers of Spring (March 20th) ...though some are greeted with more affection than others ;)

Another ritual of spring is the annual re-opening of 3 very famous Delco fields:   
From our Philadelphia Union's Soccer Field to the lush fields of flowers at Chanticleer Gardens, and the newly plowed fields of the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation - Spring is busting out all over! 

Talen Energy Stadium overlooks the Delaware River in Chester.  Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia Union 
Two of the Union's three opening season games are at home in Talen Energy Stadium. Located on the Delaware River waterfront it boasts one of the most stunning views in the county. 
The March schedule is below, but our dedicated Union football fans hope their season goes the way the Eagles football season went:  ALL THE WAY! With hopes high for a great season, tickets are selling fast so don't wait - check their schedule and pick the games you want to see! 

In addition to hosting Major League Soccer, the stadium has also welcomed both Collegiate and International Rugby Championships as well as College Football and NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championships, and Major League and NCAA Divisition I and III Women's Lacrosse Championships. Check the website often to see when these games and other exciting events are happening.

  • The Philadelphia Union vs. New England Revolution  - Saturday, March 3, 2018 7:00PM ET  - TALEN ENERGY STADIUM
  • The Philadelphia Union vs. Columbus Crew SC - Saturday, March 17, 2018 2:00PM ET  - TALEN ENERGY STADIUM 
  • Saturday, March 31, 2018 9:00PM ET -- AN AWAY GAME at COLORADO RAPIDS
Click for Philadelphia Union Website for info & tix

Experience life on a Colonial Era Farm
2501 Seaport Dr Ste 500, Chester, PA 19013
Phone: (610) 497-1657

The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation at Ridley Creek State Park re-opens Saturday, March 31st
This is an awesome place to bring children any season, but especially in the spring when the plowing begins and pigs, ducks and sheep are filled with spring fever - rolling in the mud, diving in the pond and bahhhhhhhing just because they can.
  • You might see farmers working steers, cows, oxen and horses in the Large Animal field,
  • Get up close and personal with their "porcine ambassadors" at the pigpen.  
  • Check out the Kitchen Garden and tour the historic Colonial Farmhouse
  • See the farm's earliest was called a Spring-house and shows how underground water sources were used to keep food fresh.
  • The Blacksmith Forge is a hot spot to visit.  Literally!
  • And a local beekeeper maintains hives of honeybees above the orchard - and you can purchase their honey in the gift shop!
Check out the website below for fun weekend events starting in April.
Click here for the Colonial Plantation Website

Chanticleer Gardens on the Main Line in Radnor Township re-opens March 28th
Chanticleer has been called the most romantic, imaginative, and exciting public garden in America. 

The garden has evolved greatly since the death of the owner in 1990. Most of the floral and garden development you see today has occurred since 1990, designed by Chanticleer staff and consultants.

For only a brief time each spring, Jeffersonia dubia, an Asian
 twinleaf, flowers as the heart shaped leaves unfurl in the
Asian Woods. Photo by Lisa Roper
There are seven Horticulturists, each responsible for the design, planting, and maintenance of an area.  The Teacup Garden and Chanticleer Terraces feature seasonal plants and bold-textured tropical and subtropical plants.

The Tennis Court, Ruin Garden (pictured at the very top of the story), Gravel Garden, and Pond Garden focus on hardy perennials, both woody and herbaceous. Asian Woods and Bell's Woodland are shady areas. The former features natives of China, Korea, and Japan; the latter, plants of eastern North America.

Click here for the Chanticleer Website
786 Church Rd, Wayne, PA 19087
Phone: (610) 687-4163