Last year Delaware County's WW1 Commemoration Committee launched one of the region's most exciting and wide-spread salutes to the 100th Anniversary of America's entry into WWI -- a county-wide Poppy Garden program that saw residents and businesses planting more than 20,000 packs of Red Poppy Seeds, made famous in the poem about Flander's Fields.
This year the Committee asks residents to dedicate their vegetable gardens, large or small, as a “Victory Garden” to honor the 100th anniversary of the END of WWI– uniting the county, in much the same way as Victory Gardens once united the world by supplementing the food supply during WWI.
Victory Gardens were also called war gardens or food 
gardens for defense.  They were planted at private
residences and public parks throughout the country to take 
pressure off the world's food supply.
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Victory Gardens were used along with Rationing Stamps and Cards to reduce pressure on the public food supply. 

Turn your backyard garden into a family learning and sharing experience!
  • Honoring our Veterans of WWI
  • Promoting healthy eating
  • Using the “earth” to grow food for each other
  • Enabling Delco families to help other Delco families: donate a box or two of your late summer harvest...

In September the WWI Committee hopes to have a BRING A BOX DAY, when all Victory Garden participants can bring a box or two of vegetables from their garden to a designated spot where they will be collected and distributed to local veterans’ shelters, soup kitchens and Delco Food Banks.  
Another Victory Garden print ad. 
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Click here  to download the Victory Garden Reference Guide. Beginners and experts will find out how, when, and what types of vegetables to plant.
  • Download a VICTORY GARDEN WINDOW MARKER.  In 1918 those who planted Victory Gardens would put this marker in their windows so that people would know this was a war effort garden.
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