Painting above is by Wayne Brown, Jonsson Brown Studio.  He is a prize-winning artist
specializing in representational and abstract painting, as well as wall sculptures.

Ever wonder where the magic happens for artists? It may start in the mind but it seeps into their studio surroundings, nurturing both the artist and his or her creative process in inexplicable ways.  On October 21st & 22nd you'll have a rare chance to explore artist's lairs and watch them work...

I happen to be something of an expert on art studios and how they support an artist's creative process. Mom and dad were both artists, with studios at opposite ends of the house (wisely!)
Dad's was modern and architectural and closest to the ever-brewing coffee pot. He was an illustrator for newspaper, magazine and private clients, as well as an architectural render-er.

Mom's studio was in the oldest part of the house, an original 'one room' stone structure c1760's with a walk-in fireplace and an upper level that once housed 7 very small beds. It was quiet, comfy and the perfect setting for a portrait and children's artist.

Each studio on the tour is different and unique, and paints a picture of the artist, that even he or she may not be aware of.  

And while most people think they choose the art they want...the art actually chooses us.  Let something original and inspirational 'adopt' you ;)

Painting by Lynnette Shelley, Macan Studios.
This painter explores animals, icons and 

Pick and choose the studios you want to visit by downloading the Catalogue/Map at: Delco Studio Tour Website

Support the Arts in Delco!
Collect original framed 6” x 6” pieces of art for the special pricing of $75.  The two-dimensional pieces are in a simple, elegant 6” x 6” frame, and 3 three-dimensional artists have also created special pieces for this Collector Series.  A photo of each is on the website.

Delaware County Studio Tour
Saturday October 21st, 10 AM to 6 PM
Sunday October 22nd, 11 AM to 5 PM
contact: Jeff Schaller
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