Did you know water lilies are one of the oldest aquatic plants on earth? Fossils of early lilies show that their lily pads were up to 4' wide, but as they evolved over several thousands of years they morphed to the size we see today. Evidence of water lilies have even been found in European pre-ice age cave drawings! 

One of the most beautiful and serene places at Longwood Gardens is tucked into a protected courtyard where a stunning summer display features water lilies with massive water-platters (pads) and more than 100 types of both day and night-blooming tropical varieties... 
plus additional rare aquatic plants from all over the world!  
According to Greek mythology, nymphs were
spirits of nature, often pictured in a
pool of water lilies.

September is your last chance to be swept away by this quiet garden experience, before their peak season comes to an end.

Tropical aquatics came to Longwood in 1957 with the opening of a 13-pool Waterlily Display. In 1989 the display was redesigned by Sir Peter Shepheard, into five larger, dramatic pools.

Our current knowledge of the Water Lily began early in the last century with a foreign man's discovery of a large & fragrant flower in the fresh water lagoons of the South American jungles. Natives called it Yrupe,  meaning water platter. The large purplish-green leaves floated on the surface of the water providing resting spots for the local frog population.

The flowers, up to 12" inches wide opened at dawn, remained open all day and closed again after sunset. They released a powerful and strong smelling fragrance somewhat like that of crushed apples.

Today, there are water lilies in almost every decorative pond in the world.  Learn more about this water garden and many other gardens: Longwood Gardens Website

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