Bill Giles will be making a special presentation...

Don't miss this exciting Fundraising Luncheon where the Museum is fielding 16 Delco sports celebrities -- and a memorable 'passing of the torch' (or in this case, a famous baseball bat) is also on the menu! 

The event takes place 11am to 1pm, at the Sports Legends Museum of Delaware County in the Radnor Township Municipal Building.

Dan Baker will be the Master of Ceremonies and tickets ($25pp) must be purchased in advance.  Pictured right are the 16 Delco Athletes you will be meeting and mingling with at the event.

A home run highlight will be the passing of a famous 'silver bat' ...

It's story began in 1967:

In a photograph taken at the time, (below) former National League President Warren Giles is shown presenting to 1967 National league batting champion Roberto Clemente of the Pittsburgh Pirates the silver bat, emblematic of that achievement.  (FYI: The National League Championship Trophy is now named in honor of the late Mr. Giles.)  

Roberto Clemente was inducted into the
National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973,
becoming the first Latin American and
Caribbean player to be enshrined. 
At the conclusion of the Luncheon, Bill Giles, son of Warren Giles and the former owner of the Philadelphia Phillies, will replicate his father's presentation by presenting that very same silver bat to its current owner, Steve Burman.

Steve will then present the bat to SLDC Museum officials, who will place the bat on display in the Mickey Vernon Gallery.  Mickey himself was a silver bat winner in 1953. 

Roberto has a Triple Play connection with Delaware County's own Danny Murtaugh:
The first was when Danny's Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the New York Yankees in the 1960 World Series; the second was when Roberto was the starting right-fielder in a game in which Danny fielded baseball's first all-minority lineup on September 1, 1971; and the third was when Roberto was named MVP of the 1971 World Series, when the Pirates defeated the Baltimore Orioles.  

For ticket information Sports Legends Museum of Delaware County
Curator: Jim Vankoski, 610-909-4919

301 Iven Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087