All Aboard for West Delco’s Freedom Tour & Fireworks Show -- Saturday, Sept 16th! 
West Delco Historical Societies & Sites have created a month-long calendar of exciting history festivals, presentations and re-enactments. But the Jewel in their crown is an Eleven-Site "FREEDOM TOUR" that Commemorates the 240th Anniversary of the Battle of Brandywine and the subsequent retreat and pursuit. 

This tour is offered by BUS, 10am to 1pm, with a historian guide on board (Tickets are $15) or you may follow the bus in your car, caravan style, for FREE! For tickets call 610-517-7962.  

You can also drive the tour at your leisure, visiting some or all of these sites anytime between the hours of 10am and 3pm. THE BUS TOUR & CARAVAN LEAVES FROM the Concord Township Municipal Building, 43 S. Thornton Rd, Concord.  Drivers following, should be in the parking lot by 9:45 am.

The tour features sites that were part of, or witness to, events surrounding the Battle of Brandywine. You will tour many of these sites, but there are also several places where only the ghosts remain...and in the case of the Ivy Paper Mill, only a few walls and foundation pieces have survived.

Nancy Webster (pictured right) will be the 'on-board' historian for the Bus Tour.

Here's a list of the tour read much more about them, click on the web link at the bottom: 

#1  Concord Meeting – 827 Concord Road, Concord, PA.   Built in 1728, it was used as a hospital after the Battle of Brandywine.

#2  St. John's Episcopal Church, 576 Concord Rd, Concord. Founded in 1702, St. John's was a log house of worship at the time of the battle. It was used as a hospital by the British army and was a burial spot for an unknown number of their dead.

#3  Former Blacksmith Shop (now demolished) – located at the northeast corner of Valleybrook Rd and Foulk Rd. 

During the War blacksmith (known as artificers) were assigned
to Ordnance Depots and tasked with making muskets and cannon. Walter
Denning developed a new process of making the molds...enabling the
production of larger cannon balls.
Though the building itself is gone, legend has it that the troops stopped here for repairs during the retreat.
On the FREEDOM TOUR WEBSITE (link below) you can read about a local blacksmith known as "The Blacksmith of the Revolution."

#4  The Hannum House (A DRIVE-BY SITE) – 547 Concord Rd, Glen Mills
The main part of the house was built in c1695. Colonel John Hannum fought in the Revolution.

#5  Mt. Hope Methodist Church –  4020 Concord Rd, Aston, PA. 
 This was the site of a large part of the British Encampment.

#6  Seven Stars Inn – at 5 Points in Village Green, Aston (where the Zac's is now)
This was the headquarters of General Cornwallis.

 #7  The Jonathan Martin House (A DRIVE BY SITE) – 767 Chester Creek Rd, Middletown. This is where several British soldiers stole household goods and molested 18 year-old Mary Martin & another young woman. Read more on the website.

# 8  Chichester Meeting –  611 Meetinghouse Rd, Upper Chichester.  The site of a skirmish after the Battle of Brandywine….see where bullets grazed the stone wall and building.

#9  Newlin Gristmill – 219 Cheyney Rd, Concord.  Discover the history beneath your feet during the Mill's Public Archaeology Project.  Built in 1704, the mill witnessed the retreat of the American forces following the Battle of Brandywine.

#10 Ivy Paper Mill – DRIVE BY SITE – NW corner of the intersection of Ivy Mills Rd & Pole Cat Rd, in Concord.

#11  Walnut Hill – DRIVE BY SITE – (renamed in the 20th century to Hill of Skye) –  126 (officially 130) Walnut Hill Lane, Chester Heights. This 18th century farmhouse was taken over as the command center for the lst and 2nd British brigades under Major General Grant after the Battle of Brandywine

At 8PM they'll light up the sky with a 
FREE FIREWORKS SHOW sponsored by Destination Delco(us!) 
At the Glen Mills School -- 185 Glen Mills Rd. Bring a blanket or chair.
This is a website for the FREEDOM TOUR (with history notes, photos, etc.)  
Plus West Delco's Calendar of Revolutionary War Era festivals and events!

And then:
Delco's WW1 Centennial Committee Invites
you to explore the role Delco played during the Great War...

Put on your dancing shoes and dress in the style of the World War One Era (or in Black and White), and get your tickets NOW for the Social Event of the Year...Delco’s “Dance for Democracy” Friday, Sept. 22nd!

The Brookhaven Community Center will be hopping from 6 to 11pm as they re-create the popular WW1 Fundraising craze that swept cities and small towns all across America...Dances for Democracy!  

At first these dances raised funds for Europeans displaced and ravaged by the war. But later, after the US entered the war in 1917, the funds also supported our American Troops.  This nostalgic tribute dance will feature great food, spirits and live music by Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society...
Click here for fun fashion ideas for WW1 era dance attire...
                                                                                                            Get creative and wear vintage WW1 attire, or slip into something elegant (in black & white?) and spend an unforgettable evening with friends, neighbors and history buffs from all over the county.
  • Enjoy Beer, Democracy Punch and Vintage Sodas (Sodas not included in ticket price)
  • Picture yourself in our World War One Photo Booth!
  • Watch period dance demonstrations by Tapestry Dance Ensemble (with audience participation from 7:30 - 8:30 pm!)
  • Take part in all the popular dances of the day...
Scandalous Dances of the 19-teens may have contributed to the cancellation of the President Wilson's Inaugural Ball!
The Bunny Hug, the Turkey Trot, the Grizzly Bear and other so-called "animal dances" of the early 1900's were hugely popular, drawing partners closer together with more touching and embracing.  In fact fears that party-goers might do the Bunny Hug or Turkey Trot may have even led to the cancellation of the official inaugural ball of newly elected President Woodrow Wilson in the spring of 1913.

Click the video link below to watch two couples doing the Turkey dance.  (Apparently my somewhat embarrassing chicken-wing dance style would have fit right in... ;)  
Click to 'take a gander' at the Turkey Dance!

Tickets are $35 per person.
Click for More Info and to Order Tickets On-Line

Invites you to a Full Weekend of Tours and Activities:
Visit WW1-relavant historic sites, cemeteries, memorials and read about Delco's personal and community sacrifice and participation in the events of WW1