Since April Delaware County has been looking back to the year 1917 – America’s Entry into World War I.  
There have been moving proclamations by County Council -- a massive county-wide planting of Flanders Red Poppies -- heartfelt ceremonies at our WW1 grave sites and memorials --  special film screenings, and fascinating lectures.*

...all remind us of the huge sacrifice made by every soldier, every soldier's family and every soldier's community in times of war.  In Delco, 133 lives, mostly women, were lost at Eddystone Munitions Plant - one of the nation's highest producing ammunition factories during WW1.

* The Radnor WW1 Memorial pictured above, is one of many tour sites planned as part of Delco's huge WW1 Centennial Celebration Weekend, September 22nd-24th.  Visit for more weekend details and info on Delco's contribution to WW1.

The Pennsylvania Veterans Museum not only features a major WW1 exhibit, it is dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting the legacy and dignity of all America's veterans.
This place tells the stories of America's conflicts through the eyes of those who served - many of them, untold stories of our history.  As Americans, we help preserve those stories and memories every time a man, woman or child goes through its doors and hears those stories.

It is good to remember how brave we can be when freedom is at stake...
Bring the family and check out the Museum's vast collection of memorabilia, artifacts and displays.
Interactive kiosks give first-hand accounts of war experiences of veterans from World War I through the Korean War.  An exciting new Vietnam Exhibit is coming, but here some of the special exhibits currently on display:

U.S. Navy and Marines – Learn about kamikaze attacks and island warfare in the Pacific.

D-Day Highlights – A life size diorama of D-Day dramatizes the Invasion of Normandy and includes a tribute to the Band of Brothers.
The museum will soon unveil a new Vietnam War Exhibit
that will include a wall-mounted touch screen containing moving 
and insightful interviews by local Vietnam Veterans.
An additional touchscreen will explain the
nature and complexity of this conflict.

Korean War Exhibit – See a life size soldier in action along with a display of veterans' personal memorabilia.

Women in War – Explore how women and children helped during wartime.

Paratroopers Kiosk – Thrilling first-hand accounts of jumping into combat. People of all ages are invited to try on a parachute backpack.

U.S. Army Air Corps – This interactive kiosk features the famous Tuskegee Airmen.

VISITING HOURS: Thursday through Sunday, noon to 5pm
Open for special hours on Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

At the Media Armory
12 East State Street, Media, PA 19063