Linvilla's Annual Peach Festival is Saturday, August 12th --  and nothing says summer like biting into a warm, sweet, sun-ripened peach! Buy them or p-p-p-pick your own peck of peaches at the peak of perfection... :)

For pickers of peaches & other farm fresh goodies, Linvilla's fields and orchards open at 8:00 am. Make it a family affair and bring the little ones, the big ones and any other ones you can fit in your car for a memorable summer day of music, fun, good food and games.

Makin’ Music leads the day's activities with original shows that are loved by parents and children alike. They bring music, games, prizes, crafts, costume characters, and Saturday's theme is Campfire Jamboree with a Bean Bag Toss, a Balloon Relay, an Egg Toss and a Donut Game that uses Linvilla's Own Apple Cider Donuts!

...and on August 26th lovers of tomatoes will find them ruby red and ripe! 

This red-letter day is dedicated to all things salsa, soupy, stewed and sauced. There will be live music and the kids will meet their many costumed characters - including Tomato Dog!

The Trinidad Steel Band will perform at noon and 2pm, and you can meet with Farmer Norm Schultz at 10am to talk all things Tomato-ey...from growing tips to info on different varieties. (You'll even get to taste a few!)  Gardens open for picking at 8am.

137 W Knowlton Rd,
Media, PA 19063
(610) 876-7116
Linvilla Orchards Website