Every summer Media's restaurant row has the biggest Twilight dinner party' in all of Pennsylvania! The town shuts down traffic on State Street -- and opens for dinner, prepared by top chefs from over 2 dozen restaurants! Then it's off to nearby Rose Tree Park for fabulous entertainment under the stars...

The County-seat town of Media is like the menu at a great restaurant...spicy, on-trend, full-bodied and loaded with personality.  And every Wednesday through mid-September, 5 to 11pm,  the chefs are Takin' it to the Streets! showcasing fabulous dishes as twilight falls and the streets shimmer.

Fondly known as "everybody's hometown," its perfect for street browsing and shopping.  You'll find dozens of independent shops and boutiques, flower shops, gift shops, cool coffee shops, juice bars almost two dozen globally inspired restaurants from Thai, to Italian, French, Mexican and that's just for starters!
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Also...just a few miles away, as twilight arrives at Media's Rose Tree Park...so do hundreds of people, carrying blankets and lawn chairs and babies and baskets of treats.  They come for the free concerts, 5 of them every week from Wednesday through Sunday!  

If you're old enough to remember drive-in movies you'll find the same 'community atmosphere' as you hop out of the car with blankets and treats.  
While you're picking your spot on the hillside above a state-of-the-art Amphitheater, the sound of musicians tuning up blends with kid's laughter --  and like magic, the stress of the day powers down.

Before the show there's a steady hum as frisbees are tossed, and moms, dads and groups of friends gather on blankets and lawn chairs, all gabbing like they haven't seen each other in days. Neighbors stop by to say hello on their way to the food stand...and everybody gets to enjoy a giant slice of small town America in one of Philly's most bustling suburbs.

Showtime is typically 7:30 pm, Wednesday through Sunday evenings - 10am for morning children's shows.

Uptown Girl, Allentown and New York State of Mind are just a few of
the songs on The Robert Eric Band Playlist!

July Event Schedule: 

July 1       John Hoey Orchestra Tribute to Big Bands
July 2       Upper Darby Sousa Band
July 5       Greg Sover Band
July 6       Pennsylvania Symphonic Winds
July 7       Toby Foyeh & Orchestra Africa
July 8       Robert Eric Band: Tribute to Billy Joel (left)
July 9        Boy in Black
July 12      Sensational Soul Cruisers

You're gonna love their sound - check them out on July 13th.
July 13      Blackbird Society Orch: Roaring Twenties Roar Again! (pictured right)
July 14      James Day & the Fish Fry
July 15      Upper Darby Shooting Stars
July 16      Charlie Gracie
July 19      Makin' Music & the Moonlight Forest Friends
July 20      Merion Concert Band
July 21      Jeff Campbell & Megan Slankard
July 22      Triple Rail Turn
July 23      The Rockafillys
July 26      The Rockdale Boys
July 27      Jimmy & the Parrots
July 28      The Brandywine Ballet
July 29      Minas: Brazilian Jazz & Bossa Nova
July 30      The Big House Band

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1671 N Providence Rd, Media, PA 19406
Call 610-891-4455 (for questions about weather cancellations)