Don't be fooled...the innocent looking house on Third Street in Media seems perfectly charming in it's idyllic, middle America setting. But looks can be deceiving.  

Xscape the Room is a live action group escape game that first appeared in Japan in 2007.  
It's a relatively new craze in the US, but we all know Delco never passes up a chance to get a little crazy -- so it's no surprise that Media's XScape Games are a big hit.

Here's the Scoop:
Groups of 4-10 players are locked in a mystery-themed room with only their brains to get them out.  
They have one hour to 'find the key' which is hidden in a series of interlocking puzzles, problems and riddles.

There are 4 unique and exciting room experiences: 
The Safe House
A dangerous mission is aborted. You and your team of top agents return to The Safe House to await further instructions. But is it really as safe as you think? You have one hour to complete your new mission and escape before it’s too late…

The Speakeasy
Bugsy’s Juice Joint is booming and you and your pals want in on the action.  But Bugsy ain’t in a sharing mood. Find the hidden cash and scram before he and his goons return!

Xscape The Classroom
It's exam time and you haven't studied; in fact you don't remember taking this class at all...

The Basement: a cellar filled with remnants of a life left behind,,,

And coming soon -- Xscape The Artists Sanctum
A realm where artists go for inspiration!

COST: Tickets are $28 pp and can be purchased at the web link below.

LOCATION:  The Speakeasy, The Classroom, and The Artist Sanctum are located at 1 W. 3rd Street. The Safe House is located at 25 W. 3rd Street.

WHO CAN PLAY? These rooms are best enjoyed by adults and students in high school and above. Kids11-14 are welcome in the company of an adult. (Games for younger children are being created - check their website regularly for updates).

Click here for more XScape Games Info and Tickets
The games are the brainchild of Rosemary Fox and Carlin McCoy, who comprise the female owned Life is Short Productions. Their backgrounds include theater, business, organizational management, software design, education, and community planning. 

1 and 25 W Third St, Media, PA
Phone: 484-471-7031
Combine a game with dinner in Media afterwards for a great night on the town!