If I'd been given a pair of Wooden shoes as a child, you could have plopped me down in Holland and I would have thought I was home! 

That's because the farm where I grew up had vegetable and flower gardens, orchards and waterways, biking trails and a very big love for cheese that looking back, is somewhat disturbing.  

The only Dutch accoutrement my actual home was missing was a windmill ...though I've tilted at them a few times in my misspent youth ;)

So I was thrilled to learn that this year's Flower Show was going to spotlight Holland.
There will be wonderfully crafted windmills nestled amid flower patches bursting with color...decorations will feature historic wooden shoes and whimsical bicycles...and miniature canals will weave through vibrant tulip exhibits that hearken to the iconic Dutch landscape.

It is also the bicycle capital of the world with more than 18 million in the country - that's more than 1 bike per person!

This region is also a major grower and exporter of apples, tomatoes and many other fruits and vegetables that the world enjoys -- and you'll also learn about their innovative eco-design, modern urban greening and sustainability efforts.

The Netherlands (the official name for the country) exports 75% of the world's flower bulbs...along with famous beers and outstanding Dutch cheeses! 

But here are a few things you may NOT know about this amazing place:
Say 'cheese!'
  • Their world-famous tulips did not not originate in Holland. The first tulip bulbs were actually imported from Turkey.
  • The Dutch have been making cheese since 400 AD -- and even today, Dutch cheese is considered the best in the world, as judged in the 2012 World Cheese Making Contest held in the US. 
  • Because the Dutch live so close to sea level, they have become world experts in developing methods and technology that keeps sea water at bay -- and prevents the rivers from turning The Netherlands into Atlantis!  In fact during the hurricane Katrina disaster, the US government turned the Dutch for help in finding ways to keep the ocean from overrunning the city.
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