What began as a hobby for Maurice and Virginia Bevan in the mid-1950's has grown into a famous sweet treat powerhouse, and a true Delco Classic.  

Bevan's Own Make Candy is a third generation owned and operated candy store, with Randy Bevan (pictured above), grandson of the original founders at the helm. 

From it's earliest days Bevan's grew through word of mouth referrals. And today people still come from all over the region for boxes of their one-of-a-kind hand-made chocolates, seasonal treats and holiday specialties. So follow the crowd of gourmet candy lovers to Media, But be sure to bring cash, because they don't accept credit cards!

Specialties include butter creams, assorted chocolates, nut clusters and more.

Almost as famous as Media's Trolley, (pictured in chocolate in the top photo) is the easily recognizable Bevan's box - so if you or someone you love is crazy for candy, fill up one of those boxes with bites of pure heaven. 

143 E Baltimore Ave, Media, PA 19063
Open 10am to 5pm
Cash only - no credit cards
Bevans Own Make Candy Website
(610) 566-0581
And remember...Easter is just around the corner!