Let's face it, every family has problems.  And frankly, an evening spent watching some other family deal with life's problems can provide a perverse pleasure and even a little insight into our own relationships. 
Family relationships and dinner don't always go together,
In this flick the turkey isn't the only thing opening up a little too much :)
Scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Photo credit: Warner Bros.
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  • After all, many of us are familiar with the conversational minefields of Holiday Dinners...(like the Griswolds, pictured right)
  • ...or endured the endless sniping of sibling rivalries.
  • Or maybe you know of someone who has secretly crushed on a family member's significant other...which leads us to Uncle Vanya's story line:

This famous Chekhov play is set in 1897. 
Family troubles erupt in Professor Serebryakov's family when he and his new (and second) wife, Yelena visit the family's rural estate. Being a great beauty, she turns heads wherever she goes...including her husband's brother in law, Vanya and Astrov, the local doctor. 

But Sonya, the Professor's daughter by his first wife, is not so enamored.  She works with Vanya to keep the estate going, and suffers from unrequited feelings for Dr. Astrov, made worse by the Doctor's crush on Yelena. This is a powerful story about family relationships and the acting is outstanding.  (It will also leave you feeling much better about your own family issues!)

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