Did you know that each of the main characters in the TV show M.A.S.H. made their final departure from the 4077th by a different mode of transportation?
Klinger in an ox cart -- Mulcahy in an ambulance -- Margaret in a jeep -- Winchester in a garbage truck -- Col. Potter on horseback (Sophie) -- BJ on a motorcycle -- Hawkeye in a helicopter

But before their final goodbye, they made 256 episodes -- each as much a history lesson, as it was entertainment. It was perhaps the first pure dramedy on television --  using humor and pathos to convey the extraordinary courage of the MASH medical teams positioned on the front lines during the Korean War.

See the historic M.A.S.H. exhibit (pictured left) along with 35 other vintage and military birds on Oct 29th when the American Helicopter Museum honors Veterans with a day of commemoration that includes a Color Guard Flag Presentation – patriotic music by the Lukens Band and an active duty U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel is the featured speaker.

An actual MASH campsite and helipad in Korea. 
There will also be helicopter rides from noon to 2pm ($60 each), and great food donated by Sam’s Club.
Museum Admission is free to all Vets and their families!

Oct 27th the American Helicopter Museum Celebrates its 20th Anniversary.
On view will be AHMEC’s latest acquisition: one of four rotors, hubs and trusses from the record-breaking human-powered helicopter, Atlas.
  • Hours: 5 until 8 pm.
  • Cost: $50 per person and includes a light supper and libations.
  • Tickets can be purchased via PayPal on the website or by phone at 610-436-9600
American Helicopter Museum and Education Center
1220 American Boulevard, West Chester, PA  19380
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