The game is afoot at Hedgerow Theater this month...

When is a stage show more than a stage show? 
When it combines the vocal drama and power of an early BBC radio show with the legend of a sinister supernatural hound stalking the fog-shrouded moors with murderous intent...set against an ever-changing background of original art...

Step back in time to the day when radio shows could send shivers down even the strongest spine!
Dr. James Mortimer asks Sherlock Holmes to investigate the death of his friend, Sir Charles Baskerville who died at his Devonshire estate, Baskerville Hall.

The death was attributed to a heart attack, but Sir Charles died with an expression of horror on his face, and Mortimer noticed "the footprints of a gigantic hound" nearby.  Fearing for Sir Charles's nephew and sole heir, the investigation begins...

Adapted by Brock D. Vickers from the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle, directed by Jared Reed.
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Hedgerow Theatre
Address: 64 Rose Valley Rd, Media, PA 19063
Phone: (610) 565-4211
Adapted by Brock D. Vickers from the novel by Arthur Conan Doyle, directed by Jared Reed
September 9 to September 18
All tickets $20


As part of their BROADWAY SERIES, Media Theatre brings to life a sweeping romance about the roads we travel, the doors we open and the bridges we dare to cross... 

Winner of the 2014 Tony Award for BEST SCORE & ORCHESTRATIONS, this musical, like the film starring Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep, is based on the 1992 best-selling novel by Robert James Waller  - The Bridges of Madison County - which tells the story of Francesca, a married but lonely Italian woman living in 1960s Madison County, Iowa.

Part mystery, part romance, the novel explores a 4-day love affair she has with National Geographic photographer, Robert, a photographer who comes to the area to take pictures of covered bridges for a photo essay. With her family out of town, you'll watch as they fall in love and are forced to make decisions that would not only change their lives, but the lives of Francesca's children who only discover their mother's affair through old letters and diaries left behind, upon her death.  

The show runs from September 14th to October 23rd.
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Address: 104 E State St, Media, PA 19063
Phone: (610) 891-0100