Time's running out! There are only ten free concerts left in this year's County-sponsored Summer Festival Concert Series at Rose Tree Park! It starts with the award-winning Barbershop music of The Mainliners - and ends with an Eric Clapton Tribute performance by The Core.

In Delco, nothing says summer like blankets and lawn chairs parked in front of our stunning amphitheater at Rose Tree Park.  Don't miss these final concerts of the year:

August 3rd -  Bryn Mawr Mainliners are Celebrating their 53rd year!
Since 1963 this group has been performing some of the finest A Cappella music around.  From Broadway hits to patriotic tunes, gospel numbers, 50's do-wop and good old fashioned barbershop there's something for everyone!

August 4th - The Rockafillys
August 5th - Mind's Eye View
August  6th - Lonny Shields Band & Jesse Loewy Band

August 7th - The Plants
This is a four piece regional-based band for kids with an eclectic style that traverses musical genres while exploring the potential of the imagination. Mixing funk, folk, mo town, do-wop, rock and more The Plants offer everyone a truly great musical experience!
The Plants debut Album, Sprouting Out, has been featured on radio and internet programs across the country!  From
a snake wearing flip-flops to intergalactic insects, the lighthearted music is catchy, often silly, and just plain fun for
children and adults alike!
August 10th -- The U.S. Army Field Band & Soldier's Chorus

The United States Army Field Band has been thrilling audiences of all ages for more than six decades.This internationally-acclaimed band travels thousands of miles each year presenting a variety of music to enthusiastic audiences throughout the nation and abroad.

August 11th -- Blackthorn
August 12th -- Zydeco-A-Go-Go
August 13th -- Pure Harmony
August 14th -- Eric Clapton Tribute Band performed by The Core

Rose Tree Park
Rt. 252 & Providence Rd., Media. 7:30. Free.