Not your typical street art!

An epic undertaking by the Philadelphia Museum of Art brings some of the finest masterpieces in the world to the streets of Upper Darby and dozens of other towns throughout the Philly burbs each year.

Little Lansdowners are riveted by this masterpiece...
The Museum's exciting summer street art program is called INSIDE OUT.

It places large-scale, high-quality replicas of favorite works from their collection into neighborhoods in and around Philadelphia -- and this month they're coming to Upper Darby!
  • At the 69th Street Transportation Center: "Estate" by Robert Rauschenberg
  • Beverly Hills Middle  School: "Disks of Newtown" by Frantisek Kupka
  • Dermond Circle: "The Bucintoro at the Molo on Ascension Day" by Canaletto
  • Garrettford Elementary School: "Dog Barking at the Moon" by Joan Miro
  • IHOP on 69th Street: "Two Dragons" by Kano Hogai
  • Upper Darby Free Library Municipal Branch: "The Libraries are Appreciated" by Jacob Lawrence
  • Upper Darby High School: "Krishna and Radha" (artist unknown)
  • Upper Darby School District Admin. Building: "Newport Coast" by William Trost Richards
  • Upper Darby Township Municipal Building: "Grand Canyon of the Colorado River" by Thomas Moran.
  • Westbrook Park Elementary School: "Noah's Ark" by Edward Hicks

A crowd of people gathers round a painting on the street in Media, PA

Get a fresh look at famous artworks as they interact with people in this colorful and globally vibrant town!

Then explore dozens of shops and restaurants where you'll find food and wares representing countries and cultures all around the world.

In Upper Darby
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