Batten Down the Hatches...The Pirates are Coming! 

So dress all your little mates in bathing suits and old shoes...weigh anchor, load them onto your vessel and sail over to the Colonial PA Plantation where Pirates will be attacking this 18th century living-history farm museum with rubber duckies:) and other fun games for your kids and kids at heart!

Isn't it great when being outside is more fun than an iPAD!
No one will walk the plank, but everyone is sure to get wet!
At 12:30 pm the pirates attack the Plantation, pillaging and plundering as they come! Young swabbies will be encouraged to run the gauntlet as pirates attempt to dowse them with water!

There will be foot races, rubber duck races in the creek and many more games for children until the local militia repulses the pirates at 3:45!

This is an old fashion summer-fun day for the whole family.  Learn a little history - get a little rowdy - and let spirits run wild - with nothing more than Mother Nature, water, and your imagination to play with!

Hours are 12 to 4pm. Admission is $8 for adults, $8 for children ages 4 to 12. Children under age 4 are free. Refreshments and souvenirs may also be purchased.

Aarrrg! Local Buccaneer, Captain Bruce Snyder of Aston
will be one of the Marauding Pirates on Splash Day.

The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation is an independent non-profit 18th century living history farm museum located within Ridley Creek State Park. It is most easily reached via the park’s Route 3 entrance just west of Newtown Square. 

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Date: Saturday, July 9
Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation
Ridley Creek State Park
Media, Pennsylvania 19063
Telephone: 610.566.1725