Celebrate this summer-sweet fruit on August 6th by bringing the gang to Linvilla's fabulous Peach Festival for a full day of music, games, prizes, crafts, and fun.

Been craving peach pie? Peach smoothies? Peach slices in your yogurt? Hot syrupy peaches on ice cream? 

Me, too!
Before I was born, dad planted a small orchard on our property. When I was old enough to stumble across the yard and into the orchard, I found my first true love...not the bearded kind...the fuzzy kind :)

Starting at 8am on August 6th, do what I did -- pick your own peaches while they're still sun-warmed and juicy and take a bite out of heaven. 

You may even think you hear angel choirs singing!   But it's probably the fun team from Makin’ Music who'll be using fresh and original ways to get your children singing and dancing and playing games.  There will prizes, crafts, costume characters and a unique Olympic version of the "Summer Games." Plus Train and Pony rides, Hayrides, and Stacey’s Face Painting.  The Rain Date is 8/07

August 27th is Linvilla's Tomato Celebration

Lovers of pasta, sauce, gravy, pizza, and all things plump, red and amazing on salads...this is your day to play.

Pick Your Own Tomatoes, Pears & other fresh fruits and vegetables starting at 8:00 am!

Also at 8am, Meet Linvilla's Head Farmer.
Find out everything you wanted to know about tomatoes from Norm Schultz (pictured below.)

In fact, Norm is August's Delco Character in the Spotlight:
Linvilla's Head Farmer checks on the tomatoes...

Meet Linvilla's Man Behind the Produce...
Norm Schultz grew up in Yeadon, a first-generation suburb located along the eastern edge of Delaware County.  There are tree-lined streets with small scale homes and well-landscaped historic neighborhoods, as well as industrial and shopping areas.

"Dad was a tool designer, my uncle was an electrical engineer, and my grandparents were gardeners in Austria and Hungary," Norm explained, "so it was no surprise I was drawn to both engineering and farming."

He attended Villanova for just over a year but became restless, and took a semester off to think about what he really wanted to do.

"My sister suggested I take my passion for farming to Delaware Valley College, a highly respected Agricultural school.  I took her advice, enrolled and loved it, graduating with a degree in Horticulture." 

Norm accepted a job at a major strawberry farm in Somers, Connecticut, an agricultural community known for everything from potato and tobacco farms to dairy farms. He was there 12 years until his father, then retired, suggested he come home so they could spend more time together.

"Being back in Delco was great and the timing was perfect. I went to a trade show in Lancaster County and met a representative from Linvilla Orchards who was looking for a Farm Manager. That was 18 years ago, and I can honestly say I've loved every minute I've been here."

As Head Farmer, Norm runs the fruit and vegetable operation from planning to planting and harvesting.

"The Peach Festival is popular because like everything we grow, peaches are just plain better when picked tree-ripe rather than after being picked, trucked, and displayed for days at a store."

At the visitors bureau, we know for a fact that people from all over the tri-state area visit Linvilla several times a year, not just because the fruits and vegetables are amazing - but because they have turned a love of farming into a celebration of our agricultural roots.  

"I can't wait to get to get to the farm when the alarm goes off at 4:30 in the morning. We work hard to grow the best produce while keeping prices competitive with the big grocery chains.  Plus the owners have made the farm a huge family attraction... with hayrides, fishing, pie-eating contests, live animals and recipe demonstrations. People order their holiday pies months in advance. They come each year to cut down their Christmas Tree and to see giant pumpkins during our month-long Pumpkinland Festival.

Linvilla is more than a farm, it's part of the lives and memories of the people who come here. And I'm proud to be part of that legacy.  " -- Norm Shultz


Peach Festival: August 6 -  Rain date: 8/07/16
Tomato Celebration: August 27th
Linvilla Orchards
Address: 137 West Knowlton Road, Media, PA 19063
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