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Wolff's Apple House is one of the popular places featured in the guide -- it's a hometown fave that planted its roots in Delco soil more than a century ago. 

Wolff's Apple House is like a siren, luring people in with baskets and shelves bulging with outstanding produce!
In 1908, Anne Wolff and her five children moved from Bermuda and bought 24 acres of farmland in Lima, PA.  Two years later, her youngest son, Frank, embarked on his dream of becoming a farmer by planting an apple orchard.  He was 18 and named the orchard “Sunnybrae Orchards” after a boarding house his mother had run back in Bermuda. Thus, in 1910, Wolff’s was “born.”

As the trees grew and thrived, Frank had more fruit than he could sell out of his barn, so, in 1930 he built a small produce stand (below) to sell some of his fresh produce to passersby. Two years later, he built the first permanent structure. It still stands today as the base of the expanding farm market.  

Frank’s son Kenneth started farming as soon as he could walk, and under his direction, turned 24 acres into 52 and renamed the store, Wolff’s Apple House, after their main crop.

Expanding to carry a wider variety of fruits and vegetables, along with grocery items and nursery plants, Ken's son Peter took the helm in the 1990's.  He forged new relationships with local farmers and the business flourished. Peter passed away in the fall of 2015. But his dreams for the store remain alive with his brother Fran Wolff and niece Ashley Pippin running the store.

Delco's Farm to Table Produce Guide

I love every fruit imaginable - but give me cherries and I'm singing soprano in the opera! If you love them too, check out the recipe below...

Andi Wolff's Wilted Spinach Salad with Warm Cherry Vinaigrette
“I recommend this salad quite highly. I prefer fresh cherries to the dried, but both are delicious. Be careful not to add too much warmed dressing to the spinach leaves; you want them just wilted, not soaked.” –Andi Wolff