Delaware County, home of Villanova University, Proudly Salutes the Wildcats --- 2016's NCAA Men's Basketball Champions!

Villanova went Supernova in Houston on April 4th, continuing to 'light up' the score board as they had throughout the tournament - while playing gritty, no-quit defense in a game that exploded in a one-two gut punch of 3 point shots in the final seconds!

Tar Heel Marcus Paige sucked the air out of the NRG Center with an 'on no he didn't'  three-pointer to tie the game up at 74.

And before the air could rush back in, Nova's Kris Jenkins turned a perfect Ryan Arcidiacono pass into a buzzer-beating game winning shot from beyond the arc that left  his hands with just .8 of a second left on the clock.

A Titanic Explosion!
A supernova is an astronomical event that occurs during the last stellar evolutionary stages of a massive star's life, whose dramatic destruction is marked by one final titanic explosion...and that's what took place when star guard Ryan Arcidiacono, in his last game in Nova blue - orchestrated what may be the tournament's most dramatic ending ever...with a perfect pass to Kris Jenkins, who hit the 3-point shot heard 'round the world!

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What a season.  What a team!
Congratulations to every player - every coach:
Henry Lowe, Jalen Brunson, Kris Jenkins, Josh Hart, Eric Paschall,PhilBooth, Donte DiVincenzo, Ryan Arcidiacono, Patrick Farrell, Daniel Ochefu, Mikal Bridges,Tim Delaney, Darryl Reynolds, Kevin Rafferty and coaches Jay Wright, Baker Dunleavy, Ashley Howard,Kyle Neptune, with the support team of George Halcovage, Arleshia Davidson, Mike  Nardi, Jeff Pierce and John Shackleton.

A Double Take-Down!  The team-mate 'take-down' of Kris Jenkins (he's the one at the bottom of the pile!)
happened after he drained a last second 3-point shot to take down the surging North Carolina Tar Heels.