Need another excuse to eat Potato Chips?
March 14th is National Potato Chip Day, and we'll be giving away hundreds of free bags of HERR'S on the Media Courthouse Steps!

That's right - 
To celebrate the world's favorite food group, Destination Delco went to everyone's favorite snack factory...HERR'S.

We petitioned them for hundreds of bags of criminally delicious chips...which we will dispense freely, and without bias, to any and all who answer this summons to join us on the majestic Media Courthouse steps on March 14th.

Hundreds of bags of free chips may sound like a lot, but in Delco, I suspect they won't last long ;)  So wouldn't it be great if you knew 'when' we were going to be there?

Psssst!  I think we'll be there around noon...but don't tell anybody I told you...


Take a Herr's Snack Factory Tour

This is literally the Big Cheese of food tours...with educational tid-bits, little known facts, seasoning secrets, technological feats, and a few tasty treats thrown in.  

I learned this bad (but tasty) 
habit at my mother's knee...

On a personal note: 
Please tell me you know someone else who puts chips INSIDE their sandwich?

I confess, mom was a CHIP-wicher... stuffing chips inside every ham & cheese sandwich she ever ate.

Once in a blue moon, when there wasn't any ham, cheese, peanut butter or jelly in the fridge, she'd make my brother and I Monster CHIPwiches: plain potato chip sandwiches with butter.
Dee! Licious!

Whether by nature or nurture, I still carry on her tradition. Just last week I got a little teary when a few chips found their way into my turkey and cheese sandwich.

I'm pretty sure Mom was smiling.  And wishing she had one!