This is how to get a leg up on your workout plan :)
Salsa -- Merengue -- Cha Cha -- Ballroom
Bellydance -- Zumba Classes
Put some "Frisky" into your Winter Exercise Routine!

> Treadmills aren't sexy

> Weights are heavy

> And wet sweats in January will turn you into a human popsicle! 

So get up close and personal with someone and light a winter fire of your own!

Many dance studios have meet & greet parties where you can test the waters - but be warned -- dance classes are like potato can't have just one!
"Stop leading or I'll show you what I can do with a fur ball!"

A few studios to consider:
In Central Delco:  Salsa in the Suburbs  --  Providence Road, Media

Crossroads:  Peter Kadel's Ballroom Dancing  --  Lansdowne Avenue, Lansdowne

Main Line: DanceSport Academy   --  Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore


Great Dance Floors to Show Off Your Moves!

The hottest nightspots, piano bars and dance clubs from Philly to the Brandywine...