Star Trek Concert

Space...The Final Frontier

As Captain Kirk said in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country...on February 12th set your GPS for the "Second star to the right...and straight on 'til morning."

But if that doesn't work, just head for Upper Darby's TOWER THEATER to journey deep into the music of the cosmos in this totally immersive concert experience that explores half a century of Star Trek missions, lore and legend.

A Cultural Icon Celebrates 50 Years
After 700 TV episodes, 12 movies and 6 Captains...the classic science-fiction franchise kicks off its 50th anniversary with a glorious, bigger-than-life musical salute worthy of the title:  THE ULTIMATE VOYAGE.

Take a musical journey aboard the mother-ship of all 
our greatest space-themed entertainment franchises.

Buckle up for a musical thrill ride!
This 100-city North American Tour launched just a few weeks ago - its mission is to use every musical tool in its symphonic arsenal to take you on a journey where no man has gone before...

A dashing live orchestra, with symbols clashing and violin riffs racing, heads for open space where the series' best movie and TV adventures explode across a huge film screen.

William Shatner told USA TODAY that music is "essential" to the franchise's success.  “Music is as much a part of Star Trek as the dialogue and the actors,” said the actor, who appeared as Captain Kirk in the original series, which premiered in 1966, and in several Trek films.

Did you know that there is an asteroid named after Nimoy?
Check out this web site: Images of the Leonard Nimoy Asteroid
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Leonard Nimoy died one year ago this month.

The Vulcan rock star made his first karmic connection to his alter ego in December, 1964, when he appeared in the rejected Star Trek pilot "The Cage."

But Spock survived and thrived, earning Nimoy 3 Emmy Award nominations - and a TV GUIDE nod as being one of the 50 greatest TV characters of all time.