Never before has science and technology been so mainstream:
  • Robots vacuum our carpets
  • They explore the inner workings of our bodies
  • Bomb robots save police and military lives all over the world
  • The "it" toy this Christmas?  DRONES!
  • And Nike introduced the "automatic lace up sneakers' that were once just science fiction in the movie BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Guess what? THE FUTURE IS NOW!

ROBOTICS is the theme for the 2016 Invention Convention
at the Hagley Museum!

Why? Robots Rock!

The newest STAR WARS flick blasted through the 10 billion dollar mark in less than 2 weeks --
R2D2 is not only one of the stars, but is arguably the most famous 'bot' in history!

So grab your kids and head for Hagley's Invention Convention, 
where imagination leaps off the big screen and becomes a true hands-on experience!

  • With cool robotic demonstrations, hands-on engineering challenges, and in-person conversations with professionals who use robots in their daily work.
  • See how the Wilmington Police Department uses bomb robots to dispose of explosive devices.
  • Create a series of simple Hagley “robots” using hydraulic pumps, gears, and circuits.
  • See the Franklin Institute Motions and Machines Show and the Cool Chemistry Show! 
  • Work together at the Tinkering Tables, where you can take apart an electronic gadget to see what it is made of and how it is constructed.
  • Children will use everyday household items to build their own invention at the Create-an-Invention --Exhibit - and each creation will earn them a Hagley 'patent!'
  • Community partners will showcase interactive experiments and demonstrations at the Hands-on Science Fair, including handling a space suit built by local company ILC Dover.

Held at Hagley's Soda House and Library
Use the Buck Road East entrance off Route 100
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday -- January 16th-18th
Admission: Adults $8, Children 4-14 $6
Children under 4 and Hagley members free
Lunch available from the Belin House Organic Café

Hagley Museum Invention Convention 2016