At the Media Theatre:  Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird
Now through February 21st - A powerful and timely event to share with family or friends during Black History Month.

The plot and characters of this 1960 Pulitzer Prize winning novel were loosely based on the author's observations of her family and neighbors, as well as on an occurrence near her hometown in 1936, when she was 10 years old.

Attorney Atticus Finch defends a young black man wrongfully accused of a crime in 1935 Alabama. The event causes a huge uproar, and his daughter Scout wants to know why. Her father explains it's about integrity and decides to prepare her for the trouble to come their way. This moving play is still relevant today. The racial struggles are apparent on stage in the drama unfolding before our eyes, a
strong reminder that we, as a people, still have a long way to go.

COOL NOTE: Atticus Finch tops the American Film Institute's 2003 list of the 50 most memorable movie heroes.

At the Players Club of Swarthmore: I Love You Because
Feb 12th to 27th - 10 performances
Based on Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice."

A modern day musical love story proving that love is all around us.  Austin, the uptight greeting card writer, dates Marcy, the bohemian photographer, and each is advised by an opinionated friend.

Sarah Kirk, Mark Thompson, Kristina Psitos,
Frank Schierloh, and Jenna Pinchbeck

This fresh new musical channels Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice to explore how modern couples react to the ups and downs of love. Starring Mark Thompson, Frank Schierloh, Jenna Pinchbeck, Sarah Kirk, Kristina Psitos, Danielle Tumminelli, Eric Thompson, and Jeff Martin.
Tickets $25 (Adults ); $13 (Students)

Players Club of Swarthmore

At People's Light and Theater Company:
The Regional Premier of "Sense and Sensibility"

Based on the novel by Jane Austen -- Feb 10th through March 20th
Adapted for the Stage by Joseph Hanreddy and J.R. Sullivan
Leonard C. Haas Stage

Full of passion, wit, and soaring emotions, this new adaptation of Jane Austen’s first published novel follows the penniless Dashwood sisters as they pursue life and love in their own distinctive ways. Elinor is smart and down-to-earth. Marianne is wildly romantic. They each attract suitors whose startling secrets obstruct the path to happily ever after. Co-adaptor and acclaimed director Joseph Hanreddy stages this timeless tale of flirtation and folly.

People's Light and Theatre Company
39 Conestoga Rd, Malvern, Pa 19355