NOW OPEN -- Longwood's Garden Railway Returns!

Four locomotives rumble through the G-scale model train display, which features a new bridge, more tracks, and a beautifully landscaped display.

There's something magical about trains. Real trains - toy trains - and especially the colorful trains that circle millions of family Christmas trees in homes around the world.  Whether you have your own train set or not, this is a rare and fabulous exhibit, so grab the kids and 'make tracks' for Longwood's Annual Garden Railway, open regular Garden hours, weather permitting, now through January 10th.

DID YOU KNOW: The earliest toy trains date from the 19th century and were often made of cast iron. Motorized units running on track soon followed, powered by a steam or clockwork engine. With expanding residential electricity in the early 20th century, electric trains gained popularity and grew in sophistication, with lighting, the ability to change direction, whistle, and smoke. Today's toy trains boast digitized sound effects and a TV camera in the front of the engine so that, when hooked up to a TV or Computer screen, sit hows an image similar to that of a real (smaller size) railroad!