Tarzan would love it here. And you will, too! 

Anyone who's seen a Tarzan movie or read the books has secretly wondered what it would be like to live in trees.  Tyler Arboretum's Totally Terrific Tree House Exhibit features 7 very cool and different tree houses.

The first tree house you will see is just down the path from their
Visitor Center (pictured above on the left). This house features three small cottages built on an 8-foot-tall raised deck nestled among the giant hemlock trunks. It was built in 2008 by students from the Williamson College of the Trades in Media.

Music lovers will get a kick out of the Strummin’ & Drummin’ Tree House which features a giant guitar created from the trunk of a huge fallen scarlet oak. The stump of this same tree enjoys a second life as the base of an over-sized drum. This fun exhibit was built in 2009 by the local performance and music education group Makin’ Music Rockin’ Rhythms.

The Cape May Tree House

Tyler Arboretum