Sunday, Sept 20 – Noon to 3 pm

Dust off your musket, grab a sheep and head for Middletown Presbyterian Church in Media. (Just kidding!) If you don't have a musket or a sheep, just bring family and friends to the church grounds for an historic day of fun.

Authentic 18th Century re-enactors will ‘spin’ more than tales as they recreate a Colonial Era Village throughout the grounds of the Church and Elementary School.  

Typical everyday skills in the 1800’s will seem like magic as costumed pied-pipers from historic sites all over the county re-enact militia drills, sheep shearing, spinning (on a wheel – not a bike!), blacksmithing, cooking, plus the Tapestry Dancers and music by the Marple Newtown Community Band.                                                                                        

Eating is also a big deal, from tasty Colonial-inspired food to popular treats of today. An 18th-century style worship service starts at 10:30am - and then it’s off to races with games and crafts for both children and adults, alike! Be sure to take a cemetery tour where you’ll find graves of Revolutionary War Soldiers among the tombstones. Middletown Days