In 1861 all Americans drew a line in the sand between who they were - and who they wanted to be in the future:         
  • Would our confederation of states dissolve or would we remain a sovereign nation? 
  • As a nation founded on the belief in liberty for all, would we continue to be the largest slaveholding country in the world or would slavery be abolished?
Four years and 600,000+ deaths later, these questions were answered – and the promise and power of our Declaration of Independence was fulfilled.

The Colonial Plantation’s annual re-enactment of this tumultuous time creates both a visual and visceral experience, not soon forgotten. Books can be dry and colorless, but a battlefield is the ultimate in up-close and personal.  It’s a gut check for everyone on the sidelines looking on as brothers, fathers, and husbands wield knives and swords in hand-to-hand combat. You'll hear the pop! pop! pop! of rifled-musket rounds, and the boom of artillery fire.  The Civil War also saw the first widespread use of new 19th century weapons like grenades and the machine guns. 
But this Plantation event also showcases a day in the life of 18th century farm families.  This is a living history event with authentic displays of the day's fashions, field work, live animal care, plus cooking, candle making, & weaving demonstrations.